T-Love was born as capsul of the collections produced by Baby Cross in 2013. It all started in a small factory in the heart of the Veneto region, in the late seventies, by the passion of two spouses, who managed to translate their love and their experience for haute couture in a company dedicated to clothing for children. From the North-East, cradle of manufacturing entrepreneurship, Baby Cross, renowned company made in Italy, has developed the T-Love collection to meet the needs of the most cheerful and gritty girls, who start looking for their own identity and a strong dominant glam, without renouncing good taste and refinement.

Girls express their personality even in dressing and know exactly what they want.The T-Love line is inspired by the collections and the elements that dominate in the wardrobe of the mother revisiting fit and functions to adapt them to their needs. Super woman's sweatshirts to match with skirts or trousers with updated lines and curtains, are designed to create the look suitable for every moment, from leisure to informal ceremonies that require a right mix of casual chic items.

The constant attention to quality and the craftsmanship of all the processing phases are the distinctive traits of T-Love and the Baby Cross brands, which combine innovation and constant stylistic research. Each cloth is unique, each detail is carefully designed, just as every tissue is chosen in the name of Italian Style without forgetting comfor

Special Day

The little girls from 2 to 8 years are the princesses of the house. Special Day interprets the trend of fashion to dress them with joy, sometimes in a romantic way and others with comfortable and carefree outfits. We pay great attention to special occasions and the elegant dresses for the ceremony are painted by original and modern patterns, enriched by precious details and a perfect fitting.

Officina 51

Today's kids are more and more careful about how they dress.They have precise tastes and always prone to pragmatism. We interpret for them a comfortable elegance, cured in the workings and in the search for stretch materials and innovative modern style with a tailored mood. We are inspired by the world of street style, reinventing with iconic creativity and irony images of the most entertaining sports: skaters, surfers, vintage motorcycle racers color our dandy and hipster style.


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